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Narin-mail technical department with technical specialists and scientific-technical Fi to provide services in four areas: Electrical engineering – Mechanical – computer and biomedical engineering, and it is
Born to present the latest methods and industry along with the best university graduates of Islamic Iran is the best helper and companion.


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    Specialized department, engineering Naryn electronics to meet the needs of students, engineers and small and large industries in the 89 years of its activities in four areas: electrical, mechanical, computer and IT and medical engineering began, immediately store the department in the four areas in order to solve the problems of basic items Yu piece opened, to everyone comfortable and fast your product, first check, choose and buy.

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        Narin electronics store

        Iran is the largest comprehensive store for the welfare of industry In the field of supply in electricity - mechanics - computer and medical engineering it one of the most complete catalog of parts and equipment industry has become.
        The uniqueness of our store that in addition to small and large industrial goods which is necessary to have several stores, All of them in the form of a secure site online and the best ways to write, is ready to serve. This art is that if you need to store, receive your order and at the request of customers, we will buy you get out in the shortest time.


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